Yard Bag

yard waste bags

These bags are biodegradable yet durable. They hold up well under heat, cold, moisture, and rough conditions. They can tolerate heavy weight and stress.




100% Compostable

The knives, forks and spoons are strong and yet biodegradable. A unique feature is their ability to withstand liquid heat conditions (like hot soup or coffee!)

Food/Kitchen Bag

food kitchen bags

These bags are ideal for food scraps in cafeterias and restaurants. The 13-gallon liner is ideal for kitchens, holding up to 50 lb. or more of food waste. The can-liners can accommodate tote-type containers with multiple bags inside.


 Trash Can Liner

can liners

These strong bags fit standard 55 gallon containers. We also have an extra-large version for high-volume containers.


 Compost Bag

compost bags

These heavy-mil bags are extremely durable. They also heat-seal well and stack easily on pallets. Standard size is 1 cubic foot. It also comes with air-holes for good settling onto a pallet. Other sizes are also available.